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Advisor Authority 2019

The Fifth Annual Advisor Authority Study

Chapter 3: Millennials and Generation X

Targeting the Emerging Market of New Investors


More than one-third of Millennials and more than half of Gen Xers still don’t have an advisor. The opportunity to tap into the market of emerging investors is huge. So, what do you need to know in order to tap into these emerging markets?

This latestAdvisor Authority Special Report, “Targeting the Emerging Market of New Investors” focuses on the emerging market of Millennial and Generation X investors—exploring the unique characteristics that differentiate them, both from each other and from their older counterparts. In this report, we’ll help you better understand these two generations, including their priorities, preferences, and top concerns, to help you attract them as new clients, enhance current profitability and build a foundation for the future growth of your firm.

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